Bach TR300H2 Review: Overview & Performance of this Bach Student Trumpet

Bach TR300H2 Review: Overview & Performance of this Bach Student Trumpet

Bach is one of the best student trumpet brands on the market. Often copied but not duplicated, Bach instruments are constantly favored by both beginners and intermediate players.

The Bach TR300H2 is designed specifically for beginners. This student trumpet has unique specifications and an acoustic design that makes it easier for anyone to start and develop as a horn player. When playing the instrument, you will easily concentrate on making good music instead of struggling with the horn.

The Bach student trumpet in made in the USA from high-quality materials and will last a lifetime. The trumpet has a .459” bore with a responsive 4-7/8” seamless bell for easy projection and control. The 1st valve saddle makes it easy to adjust the intonation.

The trumpet features precision-made Monel piston valves that have a one-point nylon valve for noiseless operation. The horn comes with a Bach 7C mouthpiece but can also be used with a 5C, 3C and other common mouthpieces.

bach tr300h2 trumpet

This American student trumpet is sold with a durable double-walled case that cushions and protects it from damage when being carried along. The case has a shoulder strap and is quite spacious such that it can accommodate other trumpet accessories you may be carrying. The case can fit all your cleaning supplies (3 bottles of valve oil, 2 cloths), a mouthpiece, music book, and many more.

Bach TR300H2 Review: Play Quality

The Bach TR300H2 is the best student trumpet on the market. This trumpet makes it easy for the student to create great sounds and parents won’t have to be worried that the expensive instrument will break. The horn plays amazing well, even as you advance. It is also great for a high school marching band.

The TR300H2 is an improved version of the TR300, for example, it has stainless steel pistons. The horn is solid, built like a tank and its plating is second to none. The valves are also very good and will serve you well.

Cost of the Bach TR300H2

The cost of the Bach TR300H2 varies depending on where you buy. The manufacturer, Bach, does not sell the trumpet directly to players. Instead, it uses a network of dealers around the world. Some dealers sell the trumpet on Amazon.

At the moment, the price of the Bach TR300H2 is just over $900 for a new one and a few hundred dollars less for a used one. You can get a used TR300H2 trumpet from sites like Reverbnation. Here are the current listings.

However, keep in mind that used trumpets do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty while news ones come with a warranty. So, if you are going for a used horn, make sure you find out whether it has any flaws before buying. For example, if an instrument only has a light scratch, then buying used would make sense.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in clear lacquer finish
  • 50915 molded case
  • Bach 7C mouthpiece
  • Adjustable 3rd valve slide finger ring
  • Stainless Steel pistons
  • 1st slide thumb hook
  • Seamless yellow brass bell
  • Red brass leadpipe
  • .459” bore
  • Genuine Vincent Bach 7C mouthpiece
  • 2 waterkeys

The Bach student trumpet is definitely expensive but for a good reason. Cheap trumpets may last you for a month or two. However, the Bach will last you for more than five years.

Most cheap trumpets come with lacquered valve casings. However, when the lacquer is gone, the valves start getting slower and slower, and eventually stick. When this happens, no amount of valve oil will help and the trumpet will basically become unplayable.


The Bach TR300H2 is a well-designed and durable horn that is perfect for beginners. This horn plays all types of music excellently. While this is not a professional trumpet, it is a reliable instrument to learn on.

The trumpet comes in a clear lacquer finish that provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. At just over $900 (check the exact price on Amazon), this is a quality student trumpet that will last for years.

While there are other cheaper trumpets made in China that play good, they do not win the test of time when compared against the Bach TR300H2.

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