Best Intermediate Trumpet for the Money

Best Intermediate Trumpet for the Money

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Our Pick for the Best Intermediate Trumpets

If you are past the beginner trumpeting stage, you can improve your skills by playing an intermediate trumpet. You should consider your skill level to determine the best intermediate trumpet for you.

What is an Intermediate Trumpet?

Like the name suggests, intermediate trumpets rank in between professional and student instruments. These trumpets are designed for players that are not beginners but also not experienced enough to play professional trumpets.

Some intermediate trumpets are close to the beginner ranges in terms of quality. However, there are also those that are quite advanced. For this reason, you should research well before buying an intermediate trumpet.

There are many top rated intermediate trumpets on the market. Below are our top three picks:

Top 5 Best Intermediate Trumpets Reviews

#1. Conn 52BSP

conn 52bspThe Conn 52BSP is one of the top intermediate trumpet models on the market. The instrument is simple to use but powerful like the professional trumpets. The quality of the instrument exceeds the needs of intermediate players.

The Conn trumpet has a large bore that enhances intonation and makes playing easy. Moreover, it produces a rich and dark sound. The instrument has a seamless yellow brass bell that offers excellent projection and control.

The Conn’s Monel pistons are responsive and fluid. The short throwing pistons, together with the heavy top caps, make it easy to change notes fast and precisely. You can easily open the horn and blow thanks to its reverse lead pipe and single-radius tuning slide.

The music instrument has a silver finish and produces a bright and controlled sound.

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#2. King 2055 Silver Flair

king 2055 silver flairThe King 2055 trumpet is versatile, easy to control and produces bright sounds. The trumpet stands out for the rich tone it produces, which can be compared to some low-end pro trumpets. The instrument is excellent for any player that is moving from the beginner to the intermediate level.

The King’s bore is different from other intermediate trumpets. The bore is large, measuring 0.462 inches, and allows easier blowing and better control. The large bore makes the trumpet to project loudly without the sound losing its clarity.

The trumpet’s thumb trigger is located on the first valve. Therefore, you will not have a difficult time adjusting the instrument’s intonation. The trumpet also comes with a wooden carrying case that is spacious enough to store other accessories. The case has a felt cover for additional protection.

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#3. Bach TR200

bach tr200Next on our list of the best intermediate trumpets is the TR200 from Bach. This trumpet has a great tone, quick response and strong projection. The instrument is versatile and can be used in different settings, including marching bands and concert halls.

The instrument has a heavier feel, which is a good thing as it enhances its tone. However, the heaviness can hinder inexperienced or beginner players. This is why the trumpet is recommended for intermediate players.

The Stradivarius-style valve casing of the TR200 provides smooth action. Other features of the instrument include nickel silver tuning receivers, two water keys, Monel pistons, and bronze barrel-shaped valve springs. In addition to an adjustable third-valve sliding finger ring, the trumpet has a first-valve sliding thumb hook.

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#4. Yamaha YTR-4335GS

yamaha ytr-4335gsThe Yamaha YTR-4335GS is a durable intermediate trumpet with a host of features. The sturdy trumpet is affordable for players looking for an instrument that is close to a professional model.

The trumpet is easy to play thanks to its smooth valves. Moreover, its bore size makes blowing easy. This is important for players that are still improving their skills. The YTR trumpet has a range of exceptional intonations that can be fully controlled.

Moving on, the instrument’s bore is perfectly shaped to produce the right volume, tone and response and the Monel pistons provide quick and consistent action. The trumpet’s silver plating offers a full tone that is still soft enough for delicate and subtle play. The instrument also produces proper intonation thanks to its 5-inch gold brass bell.

The YTR-4335G has a main tuning slide brace, a first-valve thumb hook and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Check the video below for an overview of the Yamaha YTR-4335G trumpet.

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#5. Getzen 590-S Capri

getzen 590-s capriCompleting our list of the best intermediate trumpets is the Getzen 590-S Capri. This high-quality trumpet has a number of impressive features that make it excellent for students aiming to become professional players. The instrument produces a bright sound that is consistent throughout its range. The trumpet can be used for various performances thanks to its great sound.

The 590-S Capri has nickel-plated silver pistons and a hand-lapped inside slide tubing. The pistons keep the instrument in shape down the road and allow for fast playing while the inside slide tubing helps to reduce air leakage.

The Amado keys of the 590-S Capri allows it to be more free blowing than less advanced water keys. The lead pipe and mouth pipe are made or nickel silver and, therefore, do not corrode. Other notable features of the instrument include a third-valve slide adjusting ring and first slide saddle.

The Getzen is sold with a hard sell wood case.

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What Makes Intermediate Trumpets Different?

Intermediate trumpets are meant for players that are neither beginners nor pro players. The features and build of the instruments make them ideal for developing players. The trumpets are beyond the capability of beginner players. If you have minimal skills or are a beginner, it would be best to buy a student trumpet.

Playing intermediate trumpets is easier than the pro models. Moreover, the quality of the instruments does not match those of professional instruments.

The main differences between beginner and intermediate trumpets are on the build, composition of materials, functionality, and cost. Generally, intermediate trumpets surpass beginner instruments across all these facets.

If you have been using a student trumpet and feel that it is no longer helping you improve your skills, you should move to play intermediate trumpets.

However, while intermediate trumpets are better in quality than student trumpets, they do not match the quality of professional models.

When Should You Switch from Student Trumpets to Intermediate Trumpets?

If you or your child has been playing a beginner trumpet for a couple of years, you may feel that it’s time to move to an intermediate model. However, before switching, you should know the differences between these two instruments.

There is no much difference between a beginner and intermediate trumpet. The biggest difference is that intermediate instruments have a third valve ring that can be used to tune them to produce more precise sound. Moreover, the trumpets have a more lightweight finish. This explains why they have better vibration than student trumpets.

The third valve ring and the lightweight finishing make intermediate trumpets produce truer sounds than beginner trumpets. As a player, you will clearly notice the difference in the sounds. However, those who don’t play the trumpet may not notice the difference.

The feel of an intermediate trumpet is not very much different from that of a student model. However, the former is slightly lighter than a beginner trumpet.

You may want to switch from a beginner to intermediate trumpet become you don’t like the feel of their current trumpet. Most players tend to get a little antsy and therefore opt to upgrade to an intermediate model that they think will feel better on their hands. However, before upgrading your trumpet, try enhancing your current instrument.

Change the Mouthpiece

One thing you can do to adjust your trumpet is to change the mouthpiece. Buying a new mouthpiece is not as expensive as buying a new trumpet. The mouthpiece is an important part of a trumpet as you’ll need to blow it to produce sound.

When you change the mouthpiece, you can give your trumpet a completely new sound and make it easier to play.

Trumpet Valves

You can also change the trumpet valve. The resistance of the valves will determine how easy you can operate the instrument using your fingers. The valves also determine how tuned the sound produced will be. However, changing the valves can be difficult.

Type of Music

You should also evaluate the type of music you play with the trumpet. If you usually play a single type of music, then it won’t make sense to upgrade to a new trumpet. On the other hand, if you want to try a different kind of music, upgrading the trumpet may be necessary.

One of the ways of improving your trumpeting skills is by learning how to play new types of music.

Should You Skip Intermediate Trumpets?
Some trumpeters feel that beginners can move from playing student trumpets straight into professional model instruments. This makes sense for two reasons:

  • Pro trumpets are higher quality and produce great sounds
  • Intermediate trumpets are not really very different from student trumpets

However, you may want to upgrade to an intermediate trumpet rather than a professional one since the pro models are way expensive.

If you have changed your trumpet’s valve and mouthpiece and still feel it does not offer the play you need, it is time to upgrade it. Whether you go for an intermediate or pro instrument will solely depend on your skills and budget.

If there is a music instrument store in your city, go and play the various trumpets to see which one you like best. Do not worry about the price, style or type of trumpet; simply play all of them to find out which one you feel comfortable playing.

After finding a trumpet you prefer, you can then look at things such as cost and accessories. Choose a trumpet that you will be comfortable playing for a long time. The trumpet should feel good on your fingers and match the style of play you prefer. Moreover, you can customize the trumpet further to how you like.

Generally, there is no particular time when you should move from a student to an intermediate or professional trumpet. Some people are happy playing beginner trumpets for years. Others will want a professional model as soon as possible.

If you or your student has improved his skills and is interested in furthering his excellence, then it is time to upgrade.

Choose the Right Intermediate Trumpet

There are various factors you should consider when looking for an intermediate instrument. With the many trumpet brands available in the market, you should research well to find one that will help you to improve your skills past the student level.

If you are looking to upgrade your skills, any of the above intermediate trumpets would be a great choice.

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