Best Student Trumpet Reviews

Best Student Trumpet Reviews

When looking for trumpet reviews, you will most likely come across student trumpets. If you are new to trumpeting, these are the instruments you should go for.

Student trumpets are the best trumpets for beginners or amateur players. The instruments are a step below intermediate trumpets and are perfect for anyone looking to learn more about trumpets and how to adjust them. This is the same case with nearly all musical instruments, including beginner violin models.

Student trumpets are cheap. Therefore, should you suddenly lose interest in the hobby, you will not have lost a lot of money.

Nearly all major trumpet brands make trumpets for beginners. However, the quality of the musical instruments is different.

Trumpets for amateurs have a low cost but also limited features. Still, you should go for those instruments with high-quality components and that offer great playability.

Student Trumpet Comparison Chart


Best Student Trumpet Reviews

Below are the top rated trumpets for beginners:

Etude ETR-100 Series

etude etr-100 seriesThe ETR-100 is built of quality materials and is, therefore, durable like most advanced trumpets. Young and beginner players usually fail at keeping their trumpets clean. The ETR-100 is built with this fact in mind. The instrument’s body is corrosion-resistant and remains so even when not cleaned for a long time.

The Etude 100 is specifically designed for beginner players with small hands. The instrument has a first-valve saddle with an adjustable third-valve finger ring and its small size is important in enabling beginners to develop their skills.

The ETR-100 has a large bore that makes it easy for beginners to form notes accurately. Moreover, its lead pipe makes projection nearly effortless.

The ETR-100 trumpet is sold with a hard shell case that protects it during transportation or when stored.

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Allora AATR-101

allora aatr-101 trumpetWhile designed for beginners, the ATTR-101 has many characteristics found in the best professional trumpets. The instrument is affordable and easy to play, making it suitable for beginners. You will easily get started playing the instrument without having to adjust it a lot when out of the box. The trumpet produces clear and bright sound throughout its range.

The AATR-101 is simple to play thanks to its large bore. Moreover, its red brass lead pipe provides a stable and warm tone.

The beginner’s trumpet has a first-valve thumb saddle as well as a third-valve finger ring that provide an excellent grip. The trumpet is made of brass and looks good. It is available in silver, nickel, brass, and rose finish.

The AATR-101 comes with a 7C mouthpiece that is molded in a protective case. Its Monel valves are corrosion-resistant.

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Getzen 390 Series

getzen 390s trumpetIf you are looking for the best student trumpet, you cannot go wrong with the Getzen 300 series. The trumpets offer incredible value and performance for new players.

Getzen beginner trumpets are more expensive than those from other brands. The high price tag goes hand-in-hand with their performance. These trumpets offer more than you would need in a trumpet for beginners. However, their performance still cannot be compared to that of professional level trumpets.

The Getzen 390 trumpet is responsive and easy to learn. The free-blowing trumpet has great gripping control and fluid valves. This durable trumpet has seamless hand-spun bells with its pistons and tubing. Moreover, its mouth pipe is made of nickel silver and therefore resistant to corrosion.

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LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet

lj hutchen bb trumpetLJ Hutchen trumpets are made from high-quality materials and are rigorously tested before being put on the market. The trumpets are well designed to enhance the skill of developing musicians.

Among the top selling LJ Hutchen trumpets is the Bb student trumpet. The bore and bell size of this instrument is similar in size to that of professional instruments. As a result, it produces great intonation, resonance, and an amazing sound.

The instrument’s stainless steel valves allow consistent play and prevent corrosion. On the other hand, the braced tuning slide maintains alignment. The Bb’s valves offer smooth action with exceptional tone, which is especially helpful if you are a beginner.

The Bb trumpet features a rose brass bell and pipe that enhance its tone. The instrument has a plush-lined hard shell case, valve oil, and is finished in clear lacquer.

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Yamaha YTR-2335

yamaha ytr-2335 trumpetThe Yamaha YTR-2335 is one of the best beginner trumpet models on the market. The instrument comes with various features that are only found in professional models.

The YTR-2335 offers exceptional sound quality and consistency. The trumpet is easy to blow and produces a bright sound that maintains its tone throughout its range. The bore and bell size of the trumpet are responsible for its incredible sound quality. The quality of this student trumpet competes with those of pro-level instruments.

The YTR-2335 has free-flowing valves that remain smooth even when not regularly maintained. Its first-valve sliding thumb hook enhances the intonation while the pressure-formed tubing creates better airflow by reducing turbulence.

The Yamaha trumpet has a seamless bell that facilitates vibration. This durable instrument is also crafted to prevent air leakage and is undoubtedly one of the best student trumpet models on the market. Even if you are an experienced player, you will be impressed with the instrument.

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What Makes Student Trumpets Different?

There are three types or classes of trumpets: student, intermediate and professional.

Student trumpets are also known as beginner trumpets and have specific characteristics that set them apart from other advanced musical instruments. The instruments are specifically designed to address the needs of young or new trumpeters.

Student trumpets are built to be durable since most young players are likely to have problems taking care of them. It is common for trumpets to experience bumps or falls when under the care of beginners. The instruments are also easy to control.

The best student trumpets for beginners are the B flat instruments. After using the trumpets, you can upgrade to other specific keys as you improve your skills. You can use student trumpets for as long as you need before upgrading to intermediate or pro models.

Majority of trumpets for beginners are mass produced using machines. The mass production helps to keep costs down. This explains why student trumpets are quite cheap but also are less precise. However, a few brands still hand-craft their beginner models.

On the flip side, professional-level trumpets are made in smaller quantities. These trumpets are mostly hand-crafted and tend to have specialized components.

Watch the video below for a guide on buying student trumpets.

What to Look for in a Student Trumpet

There are various factors to keep in mind when looking for a trumpet for a student or beginner player. The various trumpets available on the market come with different features and their performances vary. Below are the main things to keep in mind when looking for a student trumpet.

Renting vs. Buying

To begin, you should determine whether it would make sense to buy or rent a trumpet. Both options have their pros and cons.


Renting a trumpet is an ideal option since you may not know whether your student will be committed to playing the instrument for a long time. You can rent a trumpet for about a year to give your student a chance to see whether they enjoy playing. Most rental trumpets are the student variety.

However, you should still plan to purchase an instrument in the future if your student is committed to playing for a long time.

Renting a trumpet costs about $20 a month. If your student is committed to playing in the long-term, you should buy rather than rent an instrument.


Buying will only make sense if you are 100 percent sure that your student will play the instrument for the long-term. The price of a good student trumpet ranges from $700 to $800. If you would like an intermediate one, be prepared to pay from about $1000 to $1500.

Compared to renting for a year, buying is more expensive. However, you can customize the instrument to your needs and can exchange it for credit when you need to upgrade to an intermediate or pro-level trumpet.  Moreover, some rental stores may put your rental costs towards the purchase of a new instrument.

What Makes a Good Trumpet?

What should you be looking for in a student trumpet?

First off, you should know how to play the trumpet before renting or buying. Most stores will allow you to take the trumpet for a test for a week or so after leaving a deposit.

There are various things that make a trumpet sound good. If one of the components is off, the instrument may not perform at its highest level.

Before selecting a trumpet, consider how its C note sounds when played. You should be able to tell whether the note sounds right, is sharp, or slightly flat. You want the trumpet to be fluid and dynamic for you to play it without a lot of effort.

How is a Trumpet Put Together?

If you do not know how a C note should sound, get someone that knows how to play the trumpet to help you. You can also manually check the trumpet to see whether it is in good shape. In particular, check the following:

  • Valves

Check the valves and the area around them. There should be no rips or marks around the valves. Moreover, the valves should not be moving.

If the valves move, have dents or rips, get the trumpet fixed before renting or buying it.

  • Slides

Check whether the slides close completely. Moreover, confirm that there are two different triggers or rings for tuning the trumpet. These rings should be easy to move. Finally, check that there is a stopper (usually made of rubber) that will prevent the third ring from sliding out.

  • Mouthpiece

The player should also test the mouthpiece to ensure it fits perfectly. If the mouthpiece does not fit you or your student, exchange it.


The above are the factors you should consider when looking to buy or rent trumpets for beginners. Take time to compare various trumpets to find one that would be ideal for you or your student.

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