Cecilio Trumpet TT-280N Review

Cecilio Trumpet TT-280N Review

The Cecilio Mendini TT-280N trumpet is a carefully crafted instrument that is designed for beginners and students. Like other devices from Cecilio Musical Instruments, the Mendini TT is finely handcrafted and its quality is ascertained before distribution in the market. The features of this instrument make it one of the best beginner trumpets on the market.

cecilio tt-280n trumpetThe main features of the Cecilio TT-280N include a phosphorous copper lead mouth, 2 smooth action valves and 3 comfortable White Mother of Pearl Key Inlaid. The quality of all parts of the instrument is ascertained at both the manufacturing plant as well as the distribution center. This ensures that any trumpets that are marked for distribution meet the company’s high quality play standards.

The Mendini TT-280N comes with a plush-lined shell case that is covered with nylon. The durable case has back straps in case you would need to carry the trumpet to band or school practice. Other items that the instrument comes with include a bottle of valve oil, a soft cleaning cloth and a pair of white gloves. You can use the oil and cleaning cloth to keep the valves in mint condition after starting to play the instrument.

Features & Specifications of Cecilio TT-280N Trumpet


  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Items included: a pair of white gloves, a soft cleaning cloth, a bottle of valve oil, and a hard case
  • Mouthpiece lead pipe is made of phosphorous copper, which is usually used in professional trumpets
  • The comfortable White Faux Mother Of Pearl Inlaid buttons and smooth action valves are also made of phosphorous copper
  • 7C mouthpiece
  • Nickel plated Bb trumpet


  • 3rd valve slide with adjustable throw ring
  • 1st valve thumb saddle
  • Smooth action valves
  • Faux Mother Of Pearl Inlayed buttons
  • 5-inch bell
  • 460-inch bore
  • Nickel plated
  • Key: Bb (B flat)

Cecilio Mendini TT-280N Review


  • The case is easy to carry around and looks pretty
  • Is excellent for teaching new students how to play
  • The sound is great for an intermediate horn


  • Sometimes, the third valves sticks. When this happens, you’ll have to take it out and oil it
  • It is not a professional horn


If you are just getting started in the trumpeting world and would like a quality handcrafted horn for practice, then the Cecilio TT-280N is a great choice. The instrument is affordable and produces an enviable sound. This is the best instrument for kids of beginners looking for trumpet lessons.

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