Cecilio TT-480 Trumpet Review [Best Trumpet for Intermediate Players]

Cecilio TT-480 Trumpet Review [Best Trumpet for Intermediate Players]

Cecilio Musical Instruments is known for manufacturing the finest handcrafted orchestra and band instruments on the market. All the instruments manufactured by the company are rigorously tested to ensure they meet high-quality standards.

cecilio tt-480 trumpet

Most Cecilio trumpets are geared towards beginners. One of the trumpets from the company is the Cecilio T 480.

The Cecilio T 480 trumpet is not your average beginner trumpet. The quality and build of the instrument make it a favorite for both beginner and experienced players. The trumpet features a double based design that uses rose brass leadpipe. When played, the medium-sized instrument produces a warm cordial sound.

The T480 trumpet comes with Monel alloyed pistons that provide a smoother and more responsive action. Moreover, the instrument has an adjustable 3rd slide lock for more precise notation. Its two-piece valve casing allows a pure and virtuous play.

The Cecilio trumpet comes with a number of accessories, including a pair of white gloves, a soft cleaning cloth, a bottle of valve oil, a standard 7C silver-plated mouthpiece, and a durable hard case shell covered with nylon. The instrument’s case has a zippered pocket and backpack straps.

Features & Specifications of the Cecilio T-480 Trumpet


  • Comes with a pro-deluxe hard case lined with nylon for storage
  • Monel pistons and valves
  • Its double-braced design that uses a rose brass leadpipe enables it to produced gorgeous sounds
  • Strong and well-built medium size bore


  • Key: Bb (B flat)
  • 7C silver plated mouthpiece
  • Monel smooth and fast action piston and valves
  • 3rd slide lock
  • Nickel turning slides
  • Rose-brass 5-inch bell and body
  • Two-piece nickel valve casing
  • Rose-brass leadpipe
  • Double braced
  • Medium-large (0.459-inch) bore

Cecilio T 480 Trumpet Review


  • The best intermediate trumpet for beginners looking to improve their skills
  • It plays and sounds great.
  • Beautiful horn that plays terrific
  • Affordable trumpet and easy to play for beginners


  • If the trumpet is not treated in a while, the valves can get stuck


The Cecilio T 480 is a quality intermediate trumpet that is well built and sounds great. The trumpet is suitable for senior players as well as beginners looking to improve their skills to the intermediate level.

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