Getzen 900 Eterna BB Trumpet Review

Getzen 900 Eterna BB Trumpet Review

One of the most impressive Getzen trumpets is the Getzen 900s. In this Getzen trumpet review, we will look at some of its features.

Overview of Getzen Trumpets

Getzen is one of the best trumpet brands on the market. This brand has been used for many years, and the Getzen 900s is its professional option that stands out for excellent performance. The Getzen trumpet 900s has a number of features that make it the best instrument in its class.

The trumpet was first unveiled on the market in 1960. Over the years, the instrument has seen subtle changes in design that have been implemented based on customers’ needs.

The Getzen 900S sports the initial features such as exceptional intonation and free blowing play. However, it also boats of some additional features that make it produce clear sound. With the 900s, you can achieve stable tones and have better control throughout the range of the instrument.

The Getzen 900s Eterna BB has a nickel silver mouthpiece, first-valve saddle, and an adjustable third-valve slide ring. This world-class trumpet offers a lifetime of amazing experience. Its free-blowing horn is easy to play and the instrument has everything that a professional player would need. The trumpet is also versatile and will easily blend with a band or scream if you play jazz.

The Getzen 900s is the best professional trumpet on the market. This instrument is affordable for its features and quality. Its fluid-nickel valves and smooth tuning slides ensure you have the best performance at any time.

Continue reading the Getzen 900s review to find out the features of the instrument.

getzen 900s eterna bb trumpet


  • Quality construction and excellent sound
  • Hand-lapped nickel slide and valves
  • Has a trendy and elegant wood shell case that protects it from wear and tear
  • Sold with a 5-year warranty and lifetime valve warranty
  • Adjustable ring
  • Exceptional free blowing play and intonation


  • Finish: Silver
  • Bore: Medium large 0.460-inch
  • First valve slide adjustment: Adjustable ring
  • Leadpipe: Standard
  • Leadpipe material: Nickel silver
  • Bell material: Yellow brass
  • Bell:75-inch two piece
  • Key: Bb
  • Valves: Nickel-hand lapped

Editor’s Verdict: Getzen 900S Review

There is no doubt that the Getzen 900s is a great instrument for any professional player. Here are the notable pros about it.

Rich Tone

The Getzen 900s Eterna Bb produces a bold and rich sound. The instrument can play different genres comfortably, is colorful, crisp, and offers a range that professional players would love to explore. The trumpet produces a unique and beautiful tone. While the sound is brighter and bolder, it does not get harsh.

Great Horn & Smoother Play

The horn has a nice tone and there is a great response from the valves. The trumpet is quiet and plays smooth.

Quality Construction

This trumpet is beautifully made with a 2-piece 4-3/4 handspun yellow brass. The instrument has a standard nickel leadpipe that is durable and sports a silver finish


The instrument has a dynamic range, a fantastic projection, and smooth valves.

The Getzen 900s Eterna BB trumpet has a rich and bright sound. This instrument features better valves than other professional trumpets. Its valves are the best in the industry and the slides are fast and made of quality materials.

However, the features and price of the Getzen 900S clearly indicate that it’s not meant for beginners. Moreover, its valves can feel a bit sticky.

We love the Getzen 900s Eterna for its high-quality tone and amazing look. The tuning slides work flawlessly and the valves are smooth. The horn is stylish and flexible and the instrument is built to last. There is really no flaw on the Getzen 900S Eterna if you are looking for a professional trumpet.

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