This is the Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Big Lips

This is the Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Big Lips

If you have large lips, you may be looking for the best trumpet mouthpiece for you. The good news is that there are quite a few on the market.

Having large lips should not hinder you from enjoying playing the trumpet. There are thousands of trumpet virtuoso with large lips that play great.

In most cases, having large lips will mean having to get a bigger mouthpiece. However, the best mouthpiece for you would also depend on the kind of chop setting we are using.

Which is the Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Big Lips?

The Bach 1c Megatone is ranked the best trumpet mouthpiece for large lips. From customer reviews on Amazon, you will agree that the instrument delivers.

Trumpet Mouthpiece


As the name suggests, the Bach 1c megatone comes from Bach, one of the leading companies that manufacture bras instruments. The company has a good reputation and its mouthpieces are among the best available on the market.

Bach instruments are of high quality and straight-up deliver.

Bach 1c Megatone Mouthpiece Review for Players with Thick Lips

I have big lips and played the Bach 1c mouthpiece for a couple of years. However, I have since changed by embouchure and now play with a small mouthpiece.

When I was playing the Bach 1c, I was using the common “chop setting”. I can confidently say that if you have large lips and are looking to improve your play, get the Bach 1c.

The mouthpiece is recommended for players with bigger lips because it has a fairly large rim diameter and a pretty big cup. The rim diameter measure 17.00 mm, which provides plenty of room to the trumpeter.

The Bach 1c also has additional mass, which will help you with endurance thanks to the more focused tone. You can find out how added mass helps with endurance in our article covering the best trumpet mouthpiece for endurance.

Bach Megatone 1C Highlights

  • A bit lighter and produces more brilliant tone than the 1B model
  • Silver plated
  • Backbore: 10
  • Medium-wide rim
  • Cup diameter: 17.00 mm
  • Has a fairly large cup
  • Heavy version
  • Designed for trumpeters with “thicker” lips

The Bach 1c is not the biggest trumpet mouthpiece available on the market. There are other models, such as the Bach 1.

However, just because you have thick lips does not mean you should go for the largest trumpet mouthpiece. Instead, you should choose a mouthpiece that you are able to play.

So, you can either choose the biggest or smallest mouthpiece that you can play. However, you don’t need the absolute biggest or absolute smallest mouthpiece available on the market.

The right size for you may not be the right size for another player. In fact, for most of us, we have a rage of 2-3 different sizes that we can play comfortably.

From my experience, it is best to go for the smallest size from the range you can play.

Why You Should Not Choose the Biggest Mouthpiece

The Bach 1c is a great mouthpiece for trumpet players with big lips. You may take some time to get used to the Bach 1c but it will be worth it in the log run. You will have better control, better endurance, and improved playing capability.

If you have big lips, I would advise you against going for the larges trumpet mouthpiece on the market. Instead, try the Bach 1c first.  The mouthpiece is available on Amazon.

After getting the best trumpet mouthpiece for large lips, there are other things you may want to consider.

First off, regardless of the size of your lips, you may find yourself putting too much chops into the cup of the mouthpiece. Doing this will hinder your progress in playing the trumpet.

You also don’t want too much chops in the cup, especially if you have large lips.

What you should do, instead, is set the chops in a way that is optimal for vibration. Check the video below to learn how to set the chops in an efficient way:

Conclusion: Best Trumpet Mouthpiece for Large Lips

First off, get the Bach 1c Megatone. It’s available on Amazon. Try the mouthpiece for several weeks.

If the mouthpiece doesn’t help, follow the advice on the video above.

If this also doesn’t work, the next option would be to try an even bigger mouthpiece, like the Shilke24. However, you do not want to start with the Shilke 24 before trying the Bach 1c.

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