Mendini MTT-L Trumpet Review

Mendini MTT-L Trumpet Review

Cecilio is known for manufacturing high-quality trumpets that are affordable. Most of the company’s trumpets are designed for beginners, and the Mendini MTT-L is one of them. Beginners will love the trumpet and learn how to play fast with it.

mendini mtt-l trumpet reviewAll Cecilio’s trumpets are tested both at the factory and distribution points to ensure that they reach the company’s high quality standards. This is why Cecilio is one of the best trumpet brands on the market.

The Mendini MTT-L has 3 smooth action valves, 3 comfortable White Mother of Pearl Key Inlay, and a phosphorous copper lead mouth pipe. The instrument’s package includes a bottle of valve oil, a soft cleaning cloth, a pair of white gloves and a durable carrying case with back straps. The quality musical instrument comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

mendini mtt-l trumpet

Features and Specifications of the Mendini MTT-L Trumpet

  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • The package includes a pair of white gloves, soft polishing cloth, a bottle of valve oil, a pocketbook, cases, Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, and a foldable trumpet stand that can be stored inside the bell.
  • Comfortable White Faux Mother Of Pearl Inlay buttons
  • Smooth action valves
  • Lead mouth pipe is made of phosphorous copper, which is usually used on professional instruments


  • Key: Bb (B flat)
  • Gold lacquer
  • 3rd valve slide with adjustable throw thing
  • 1st valve slide thumb saddle
  • 5-inch bell
  • 46-inch bore

Mendini MTT Trumpet Reviews


  • Plays well and is excellent for kids
  • Can be used for different types of performances
  • The best trumpet for newbies. Easy to play
  • The vibrations are audible and soothe the ears
  • Affordable trumpet for beginners
  • Easy to store and carry around thanks to its hard casing


  • Good for beginners. However, intermediate players will need a higher quality instrument
  • Requires frequent wiping off of dust if carried around many times
  • The valves can stick and you’ll, therefore, have to oil them

Check the video below for an overview of the trumpet:


The Mendini MTT is a great trumpet for beginners and young students. The instrument offers excellent play and produces great sounds. Moreover, it is quite affordable.

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