Yamaha Xeno 8335RGS Trumpet Review

Yamaha Xeno 8335RGS Trumpet Review

One of the best professional trumpets you can buy is the Yamaha YTR-8335RGS. The features of the instrument make it an excellent choice for experienced players.

yamaha xeno trumpetWhen it comes to quality and fine crafting, perhaps no other trumpet brand surpasses Yamaha.  The company creates high-quality trumpets, with the Xeno being among its most popular models. The expert level trumpet is sought after for its exceptional performance.

The YTR-8335RGS stands out for its highly responsive action and smooth playing. When you read trumpet reviews, this instrument has one of the highest rating. The model is easy to play, produces excellent sound and its quality is unmatched.

Features and Specifications of the Yamaha Xeno Trumpet


  • Has an ultra-heavy mouthpiece receiver that helps to keep its tone even
  • Its reverse lead pipe provides players with a much smoother function and allows air to flow smoothly without obstruction
  • The round tubing provides less resistance, smooth airflow and exceptional intonation
  • The Monel pistons are corrosion-resistant, maintain smoothness and have a high precision fit
  • Has a one-piece hammered bell that enhances sound projection and uniformity to produce a well-balanced resonance and excellent tone


  • Finish: Silver plating
  • Intonation Components: 1st valve slide thumb hook
  • Valves: 2-piece valve casings
  • Pistons: Monel pistons
  • Keys: Mother of Pearl
  • Mouthpiece: 16C4-HGP
  • Lead Pipe: Gold brass, reversed one-piece pressure down
  • Bell: Gold brass, one-piece, hand-hammered 4 7/8 inches
  • Bore:459 inches (medium-large)
  • Key: B flat

Yamaha Xeno 8335 Trumpet Review


  • The horn sounds great when used for classic music performance such as jazz. The horn is flexible and works well in any setting.
  • The horn is versatile for classical performance and makes the Xeno a great lead trumpet. Its projection is superb.
  • Excellent Dark Timbre. The instrument has the darkest timbre among the Yamaha silver platted professional instruments.
  • High-quality sound. Both beginner and professional players praise the instrument for its excellent sound production
  • Its horn is responsive, smooth and produces the perfect intonation. The reverse tubing makes the instrument have an open, through-blowing horn.


  • Heavy instrument. The trumpet is a little bit heavy for some players. However, the heavyweight enables it to produce an even tone at a higher volume and with more intensity when it’s being played. The instrument is also built from high-quality materials, which contribute to its weight.
  • Dark Tones. The instrument is designed to produce strong and rich tones. Therefore, its dark tone does not come as a surprise.
  • The Xeno is an expensive trumpet. Given that this is one of the best professional trumpets on the market, the price is a little steep. If you are transitioning from a beginner to a professional instrument, the high price will be worth the cost. You will use the instrument for many years down the line.

Here is a video review of the Yamaha Xeno trumpet.

Bottom Line

Yamaha is known for producing high-quality instruments that offer great performance, and the Xeno trumpet is no exception.

However, just because you are buying a professional trumpet does not mean you will end up playing at an expert level. You need to practice well to improve your skills.

Before buying a professional trumpet like the Xeno, gauge your skills to know whether to upgrade to an intermediate instrument or go for a pro level one.

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