Best Pocket Trumpet [REVIEW OF TOP BRANDS]

Best Pocket Trumpet [REVIEW OF TOP BRANDS]

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Our Pick for the Best Pocket Trumpet

How skilled you will be at trumpeting will majorly depend on the type of instrument you play. If you have excellent skills and get a professional trumpet, you can always be sure of great performances.

Most people think mini trumpets are simply novelty toys or instruments. However, the best pocket trumpets are high-quality instruments that provide enviable performances to a number of top-of-the-line instruments. If you are looking for quality mini trumpets, this guide is for you.

After reading trumpet reviews, you will know what features to look for in an instrument you want to buy.

Review of Top 10 Best Mini Trumpets

#1. Mendini MPT-N

mendini pocket trumpetFirst on the list of the best mini trumpets is the Mendini MPT-N. This nickel-plated pocket trumpet has a 7C mouthpiece, a 0.460-inch bore with a 3.75-inch bell, and white faux pearl inlaid buttons. The instrument’s lead mouth pipe is made of phosphorous copper.

The Mendini is a quality instrument thanks to its smooth valve action. The trumpet is well constructed, plays easily and its valve slides freely without sticking. The unit sounds impressive and is durable.

A new trumpet is sold with a plush-line nylon case with back straps. Other items available in the case include a soft cleaning cloth, a pair of white gloves, a bottle of valve oil and a Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner.

Read our full review of the Mendini MPT-N trumpet here.

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#2. Merano WD-480

merano wd-480 trumpetThe Merano WD-480 is a B flat mini trumpet with a nickel-plated mouthpiece. The instrument has a 0.460-inch bore and 3.75-inch bell and Ii one of the best pocket trumpets on the market. The high-quality instrument is also affordable.

The WD-480 comes with a velvet-lined carrying case together with a soft cleaning cloth, a pair of gloves and valve oil.

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#3. Prelude PT-711

prelude pt-711 trumpetIf you want a great sound in a small package, you will love the Prelude PT-711 Series pocket trumpet.  This B flat instrument has a 3.66-inch brass bell and a 0.459-inch bore. The lead pipe is made of yellow brass while its valves are made of stainless steel. The trumpet has three valves with fixed ring third valve slide adjustment.

Since the instrument is small in size, it is easy to transport. Therefore, it is suitable for trumpeters that usually play while traveling. Moreover, the small size is eye-catching when someone is playing.

The PT-711 has a 7C mouthpieces, two water keys and comes with a lightweight carrying case.

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#4. Stagg WS-TR245

stagg ws-tr245 trumpetAnother durable mini trumpet is the Stagg WS-TR245. Made with heavy-duty brass and spotting a beautiful clear finish, this instrument produces big sound with amazing tonal quality. The unit has stainless steel valves that operate crisply and four smooth functioning slides.  The high-quality valves are easy to maneuver.

You may want to purchase the Stagg WS-TR245 for practice. However, you will realize that it can do much more.

The WS-TR245 is portable and comes with a carrying case.

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#5. Carol CPT-3000-GLS

carol cpt-3000-gls trumpetAnother of the best mini trumpets is the CPT-3000-GLS from Carol Bras. This instrument has a 4.724-inch gold brass bell and a 0.460-inch bore. The unit comes with first and third thumb hooks that make it easy to turn. Other notable features include weighted bottom caps, 2 water keys and stainless steel valves.

The CPT-3000-GLS produces a beautiful sound that compares to some professional trumpet models. However, the incredible sound, projection and power come at an affordable price. When you are away from your everyday instrument, you can rely on this pocket trumpet for practice.

The mini or pocket trumpet comes in a black nickel finish with 24K gold trim. The instrument is sold with a carrying case that includes valve oil, slide lube, 3C mouthpieces, hard case and a polish cloth.

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#6. Allora MXPT-5801

allora mxpt-5801 trumpetThe Allora MXPT-5801 is a high-quality pocket trumpet that is easy to play. The unit functions smoothly out of the box and produces incredible sounds that rival some professional trumpets. Despite its small size, the unit will amaze you with its big sound.

The exterior of the trumpet is a beautiful black nickel plate finish. The mini trumpet is sold with a durable high-quality case.

Check the video below for a review of the Allora mini trumpet:

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#7. Sky Band Approved

sky band approved trumpetBoth novice and experienced players will love the Sky Band Approved pocket trumpet. This good-looking unit has a one-time body that does not have any seams. The instrument has a perfectly-shaped tubing that fits precisely and facilitates perfect air flow.

The sound quality of the mini trumpet is impressive considering its size and cheap price. You can use the instrument for your day-to-day trumpeting practice when traveling around. The unit also comes with a carrying case, gloves, valve oil and polishing cloth.

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#8. Merano B003S1BBFQ

merano b003s1bbfq trumpetPocket trumpets come in different finishes and colors, usually yellowish or goldish. However, the Merano B003S1BBFQ stands out for its unique deep blue indigo shade. The unique color will quickly catch the attention of anyone that is watching you play.

However, don’t think that the Merano is a toy or novelty trumpet because of its color. This instrument produces impressive sounds like that of expensive trumpets. The unit has a nickel-plated mouthpiece and is sold with a zippered velvet-lined carrying case.

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#9. Roy Benson RBPT101G

roy benson rbpt101g trumpetAnother compact instrument that is on this list is the Roy Benson RBPT101G.  This trumpet has a gold lead pipe and brass bell that provide a dark and rounded tone.   The unit has a thumb ring on the third valve and nylon valve guides, two water keys and comes with a rectangular carrying case.

The pocket trumpet has stainless steel pistons and a top spring that enable great performance. The quality of this instrument is nearly as great as some of the complex professional trumpets.

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#10. Rosetti ROS1146 Pocket Trumpet

rossetti ros1146 pocket trumpetThe Rosetti mini trumpet looks impressive with its lacquered gold finish. The B flat pocket instrument has adjustable slides for fluid play and excellent sound production, springs, and top action valves.

The Rosetti trumpet is sold with a plush lined hard case to protect it from damage due to bumps or drops. The case interior ensures the instrument is in perfect condition.

The price of the gold platted Rosseti trumpet is quite low compared to that of other pocket instruments. This makes the Rosetti one of the best pocket instruments for beginners or student players.

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Best Brand of Pocket Trumpet

Merano Pocket Trumpet

Merano is one of the latest trumpet brands on the market. The company manufactures brass, wind and string instruments and its flagship mini trumpet is the WD-480. This high-quality instrument has a 0.469-inch bore and 2.75-inch bell. The instrument, as well as the mouthpiece, is nickel-plated. The WD-480 comes with a number of accessories, including a carrying case, cleaning cloth, gloves, and oil.

Merano also manufactures the standard PT100 models that are available in six different finishes. If you love to impress with sight and sound, this instrument will be perfect for you. The trumpet is lightweight, affordable and comfortable to play.

Kanstul Pocket Trumpet

Kanstul is known for its immense contribution to the development of the modern trumpet design. The company manufactures mechanically advanced instruments for players of all skill levels.

The most popular Kanstul mini trumpet is the CCT-905. This hand-crafted trumpet is compact in design and has a 4.5-inch yellow brass bell. Its bore measures 0.460 inches and it has top sprung hand-lapped pistons.

The small size trumpet is great for any player that usually plays when traveling. You won’t be disappointed with the rich sound and excellent tone of the instrument, which is similar to a full-size professional trumpet.

Cecilio Pocket Trumpet

Cecilio mini trumpets come with warranties against manufacturer’s defects. One of the premier instrument of the brand is the standard PT-280 that has a gold finish and stands out for its great tonal quality and response.

The PT-280 has smooth valves that make it easy to play. Moreover, it is sold with various accessories, including a plush-lined nylon hardshell case, a pair of gloves, and a cleaning cloth.

Another popular Cecilio trumpet is the 77-MT B flat pocket instrument.

Carol Brass

Many instructors and professional musicians prefer Carol Brass trumpets for various reasons, including their excellent sounds. The most popular model of the brand is the CPT-300LR. The trumpet has a large 4.7-inch bell and is flexible when being played.

Another popular model is the CPT-3000-GLS, which is a full-size model that is easy to play. This instrument produces amazing sounds throughout its range.

Jupiter Pocket Trumpets

Jupiter mini trumpets are made from high-quality materials and come with extended warranties. The most popular Jupiter trumpet model is the black B flat 516BL. The inside of the trumpet’s bell is the standard color while its exterior is bold black. This makes it an eye-catching instrument.

The 516BL mini trumpet produces an impressively big sound, which contrasts with its small frame.

Allora Pocket Trumpets

Allora is known for its affordable but high-quality trumpets. The MXPT-5801 is one of its most popular models. The mini trumpet comes in different finishes, including standard, silver, and black. If you love eye-catching instruments, this trumpet is for you.

The MXPT is a high-quality mini trumpet that is easy to play. The instrument produces excellent tones that nearly match those of full-size professional units. Moreover, the trumpet impresses with its big and bold sounds.


Cecilio produces Mendini pocket trumpets for student and beginner players.  The trumpets undergo thorough testing both at the factory and the company’s distribution center in Los Angeles before being sold on the market. Therefore, you can be sure all Mendini pocket trumpets are of high quality and reach the brand’s standards.

Mendini mini trumpets are usually recommended for students. The MPT-N model is one of the most popular Mendini models. This nickel-plated trumpet has a faux mother of pearl inlaid buttons, a phosphorous copper mouth pipe, a 7C mouthpiece, and other accessories.

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