Best Trumpet Method Books for Beginners

Best Trumpet Method Books for Beginners

If you are a beginner trumpeter, there are three books you should have:

  1. A beginner trumpet method book
  2. A song book (also known as an etude book)
  3. The Arban

Read on for my recommendations of the best trumpet method books you need for each category.

Best Beginner Trumpet Method Book

The Rubank Elementary Method for Cornet or Trumpet

The best trumpet method book for beginners is The Rubank Elementary Method for Cornet or Trumpet. In this book, you will learn all the basics of playing the trumpet. Things such as what valves to use, what notes are and how to produce them are covered in this book.

The beginner trumpet method book also has exercises that will help you master the knowledge you have learned.

The Rubank Elementary Method for Cornet or Trumpet is one of the best trumpet method books for beginners because it starts with teaching how to play the very first notes in the middle register instead of the low register.

One of the important concepts taught at the beginning of the book is “brain-lip” connection.

The very first note in the Rubank book is the open “G” on the second line. When the first note you learn is the middle register, you will be on your way to mastering how to play the trumpet properly.

On the other hand, if you learn to play the lowest notes first, you will be programming your “brain-lip connection” for a lip setting that is likely to make it challenging for you to play higher notes in future.

The brain is very strong and, therefore, you should be careful on how you “program” it the first time. Playing high notes on a low lip setting is very hard. On the other hand, learning to play low notes on a lip setting programmed for higher notes is easier.

Other trumpet lessons covered in the book include:

  • Scales
  • Legato exercises
  • Finger exercises
  • Tonguing exercises
  • Overall trumpet skill progression
  • And more…

As you go through the book, you will come across pages with songs that you can play using the new skills you will have learned from the exercises.

Is this the best Trumpet Method Book for Beginners?

Without a doubt, The Rubank Elementary Method for Cornet or Trumpet is the best trumpet method book for beginners. The book is available on Amazon for under 10 bucks (check current price here).

Best Trumpet Etude Book

Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes for TrumpetThe Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes for Trumpet is the best trumpet etude book for beginners.

One of the ways of greatly improving your skills as a beginner trumpeter is by starting to play melodies right from the very beginning. If you are only concentrating on playing exercises and scales, you are more likely to quit practice after a few weeks.

Playing songs and etudes from the beginning helps to train your ears from the start, which will prove important in your later years. Moreover, you will have a lot of fun playing etudes as you will be playing “real” music instead of just exercises.

Why is this the Best Trumpet Etude Book?

The Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes for Trumpet contains well-written music and etudes that are fun to play. The music and etudes will keep you motivated during your first sessions as a beginner trumpeter.

The book progresses slowly and every new etude is a little more difficult than the previous one. The exercises that follow do not get difficult too soon such that you will be discouraged­ from playing. On the same note, they do not stay on the same level as the previous etudes. Therefore, you will be incrementally improving your skills as you progress through the book.

Here are some highlights of the Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes for Trumpet:

  • The etudes are of the right length

The etudes in the Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes are neither too short nor too long. They are just of the right length. Therefore, you will learn how to build a solid trumpet endurance from the beginning.

If the etudes are too short, you will struggle to build endurance. On the other hand, if they are too long, your embouchure muscles will be overtaxed and this can leave you with playing issues in the future.

  • You get to explore different keys

Almost every new etude in this trumpet book is in a new key. This is important in helping you develop good playing skills. Apart from this, you get to learn your “mind-ear-body” connection, which will help you synchronize with the music.

Majority of beginner etude books teach you how to play the sharps or the flats only. However, to really progress in your journey to become a professional trumpet player, it’s important to master both of these plays. With the Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes, you’ll get to learn both plays.

The Sigmund Hering. Forty Progressive Etudes is one of the best beginner trumpet books on the market. The book is fairly priced (check current price on Amazon).

The Arban Trumpet Method Book

The Arban Complete Conservatory Method For TrumpetThe Arban beginners trumpet book is known in different names, depending on the company that has published it. For example, the book is also known as The Arban Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet.

The beginner’s trumpet book also comes in different colors, including black, silver and red. However, despite the different titles and book cover colors, the content of the trumpet book is the same.

The Arban trumpet book can be used by beginners, intermediates and professional trumpet players. This must-have book contains everything you should know about playing the trumpet. No matter your skill level, we highly recommend that you get the book.

From the Arban book, you can pick various complementing exercises that will be suitable for what you are learning. Moreover, the book will prove helpful for the current lessons you are practicing. With nearly 400 pages of trumpet knowledge, you will have tons of materials to improve your playing skills.

Here are some of the lessons available in the Arban book:

  • Interval exercises
  • Arpeggios
  • Scale exercises
  • Slurring exercises
  • Air speed exercises
  • Trilling exercises
  • Articulation exercises
  • Easy solo pieces
  • Difficult solo pieces
  • Etudes and duets
  • Melodies
  • All kinds of variations of double and triple tongue exercises
  • All kinds of variations of tonguing exercises
  • Exercises to developing fast and accurate fingers

The price of the Arban book is a little bit higher than the two beginner trumpet books we have reviewed above, considering there are dozens of exercises in the nearly 400 pages. The price is, however, worth it.

You can buy the book on Amazon here. We’ve also found the Arban at a slightly lower price on Sheetmusicplus.


The above are the best trumpet method books for beginners. If you have a son or daughter that you’d like to get started with playing the trumpet, these are the books you should get.

This beginner trumpet book review is not a “Top 3 best list” with three alternatives. These three books are different and complement each other. We recommend that you get all the books and use them in rotation during practice.

Beginner Trumpeter Tips To Help You

Here are a few more beginner trumpet tips that will help you learn how to play the trumpet fast.

Make it Fun

Learning how to play the trumpet can be quite difficult. Mastering the instrument is even a bigger hurdle. Therefore, you should expect to encounter some “hardships” in your journey to playing the instrument. When this happens, do not be discouraged. Every player encounters the hardships.

One thing that you will have to make sure is that you love the music. When you have fun playing the trumpet, you will love the music.

If you have bought your kids a beginner trumpet, take time to compliment them on the progress they make. Also, listen to their music, go to concerts and generally be interested in the trumpet. This will help your children get off to a really good start.

Get a Trumpet Teacher

If no one in your family has played the trumpet before and your kid wants to start playing, it would be good to get him/her a trumpet teacher. You do not need to hire a professional trumpet teacher (but it would be good if you get one). Simply get anyone that actually plays the musical instrument.

Do not get a clarinet player to help your child with playing the trumpet unless the person has played the trumpet before. Playing the clarinet is different from playing the trumpet.

If you cannot get a local trumpet teacher (check our directory for leads), you can get online trumpet lessons. Some teachers also teach trumpeting via Skype.

Play With a Band

Encourage your kid to play the trumpet with a friend or in a band. Playing with someone helps to build ear-training and musical skills. Moreover, the beginner trumpeter will be motivated to continue learning. It is important to make fun a part of learning how to play the trumpet.

If you cannot find any local bands in your town, then perhaps your child may have a friend that plays the trumpet? Or is there a member of your family who plays the trumpet and may have some time for duets with the kid?

The whole point is to try to get your child to play frequently with other people, whether it’s an individual or a band.

What If You Don’t Want to Practice?

Ideally, your child should be practicing playing the trumpet every day or multiple days in a week. However, sometimes, he/she may not feel like playing the trumpet at all. When this happens, you should encourage and remind him/her of the reason for learning to play the trumpet.

Remember, any person who starts to play the trumpet may not necessarily continue playing for years. Sometimes, the interest will fade over time. When this happens, you just have to accept that there is more to life than just playing the trumpet!

When the interest in playing the trumpet fades, do not be quick to sell your horn and give out your beginner trumpet method books. Instead, take a “time out”. Sometimes, your child will get renewed interest in playing the instrument, in which case you will not need to buy a new beginner trumpet. Simply get the trumpet from your storage area and give it to the student.

Take the Step

Learning to play the trumpet can be fun for people of all ages. Many schools have started to introduce kids to playing the horn and more adults are also learning to play as a hobby.

If you have a child that is learning to play the trumpet or you are a student trumpeter, the above are the best trumpet method books for beginners we recommend you get. These books will help you regardless of your age.

As you practice, remember to keep the learning fun!

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