Getzen 390 Trumpet Review

Getzen 390 Trumpet Review

One of the best beginner trumpets on the market is the Getzen 390. In this review, we look at the main features of the instrument.

getzen 390s trumpet

Getzen trumpets have been on the market for many years. Both student and intermediate players love the Getzen 390 for its excellent performance.

Getzen Trumpet 390 Series Model Features

The Getzen 390 comes with nickel silver pistons, a hand spun bell and nickel silver slides that give is a higher performance than most entry level trumpets. The instrument also has a comfortable grip, which makes it suitable for younger players and classroom settings.

  • Hand-fit nickel slides
  • Less resistance compared to many beginner trumpets
  • Its free blowing function and smooth valve action make it easy to play
  • Excellent quality for a beginner trumpet
  • Has nickel-plated valves that come with a lifetime guarantee

Specifications of the Getzen 300 Trumpet

  • Silver and lacquer finish
  • Getzen 7C mouthpiece
  • Adjustable ring with slide stop third adjustment slide valve
  • Thumb saddle first valve slide adjustment
  • Nickel and nickel silver plated piston valves
  • Nickel silver leadpipe material
  • Yellow brass bell
  • 75-inch seamless hand spun bell
  • Bore measures 9.460 inches
  • B flat key

Getzen 390 Trumpet Reviews

Majority of customers are happy with the Getzen 390 trumpet. Below are the pros and cons of the instrument.


  • Well Built. The trumpet is well-built. Its first and second valves as sleek. However, the third valve could be improved. Overall, this is the best trumpet for students.
  • Excellent Beginner Trumpet. The trumpet is affordable and provides good value for anyone who wants to get started with trumpeting.
  • Excellent Performance. The performance of the trumpet is unmatched among the beginner models. The trumpet is easy to play, free blowing and its valves are the best in its class.


  • Not for professional play. The Getzen 390 is easy to learn but is not a professional instrument. If you are looking to improve your trumpeting skills, look for an intermediate or professional trumpet.
  • Lackluster sound quality. While the trumpet has an excellent design and outstanding valves, its sound is wanting when compared to that of professional models. However, it is still a good quality trumpet for students thanks to its leadpipe and durability.
  • Nonprofessional features. While the features of the trumpet are excellent, they still lag behind those for professional plays.


Beginner players looking for a quality instrument should go for the Getzen 390. The free blowing trumpet is durable, responsive and easy to learn. The smooth pistons and fluid valves enable the instrument to produce high-quality sounds.

However, while the features of the Getzen 300 are impressive, it may not be the perfect instrument for every beginner. Consider your skills and preferences to know whether this instrument will be for you.

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